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Falk Engelhardt, founder of guru cooking; is an award winning Chef with European training.

Falk grew up in, Hudson, a small town outside of Montreal, Quebec.  He grew up where families sat together at the table to enjoy a simple yet healthy meal. Where neighbourhood parties always ended up in someone’s kitchen.  He watched his mother cook and spent a lot of his time mimicking her techniques.  It is no surprise that his grade 2 teacher wrote, “Falk seems to like to cook” in his report card.

At the age of 19, Falk moved to Germany leaving his family and friends behind in order to pursue a career in the Culinary Arts. He completed his apprenticeship with the 5 star hotel chain Steigenberger in Bad Kreuznach, Germany.

Since 1991, Falk has worked in Switzerland, Frankfurt, Montreal, Calgary and Victoria, BC.  Falk has been one of the youngest chefs to run a successful kitchen in Canada.  Aside from his cooking career, Falk has also been successful in Sales & Management.

In 2009 Falk became a father and has realized the value of his own childhood.  The importance of sitting down at the dinner table as a family, enjoying a meal together and to take the time to discuss the day’s events and challenges is an important part of life but also a necessity for anyone’s childhood.

His passion for food has brought him back to what he calls the basics of love and life.  He enjoys creating something out of nothing and is always trying new things that can be made at home outside of a professional kitchen.

Having his son watch his every move when preparing a meal is not only gratifying but it is also a vital reminder on how we need to pass on this knowledge to our children as they grow older.

2011 will prove to be a very busy year for Falk as he launches his new company, guru cooking, an in-home cooking coach service that allows you to create a meal with in your own kitchen, using your own appliances and at your own speed.  Falk will coach you on proper shopping techniques, knife skills and will even show you how to get your family involved in the process.


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