The Man Cave

The sports car, the deck or backyard, the kick ass BBQ and the friends who love to come over to the ultimate Man Cave.  You have it all but you can’t grill a proper steak or know what type of cut to buy.

Your guru can change all that.  This package is filled with testosterone and beef.  Together you will go out to the local butcher and buy a variety of steaks and take them home.

Rotisserie Chicken

You’ll invite the guys over for a BBQ tasting.  Your guru will show you and your friends how to buy, prep, grill and enjoy a real manly meal. Together you will even make a side dish that is simple and fitting.

After spending time with your guru, you and your pals will always know what cut you prefer and how to go and get it. All of you will know how to grill your steaks to perfection every time!

$149 per guy.  guru will even supply the beer! (the cost of groceries is not included)

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