Our purpose

Today, our lives are busier than ever, and it’s become increasingly more difficult to spend quality time with our family and friends.  We’re so exhausted after a long day of work that we often don’t have the energy to even think about preparing a meal.  Often, we turn to convenience, a quick solution or eat out at restaurants that we know we can’t afford. We’re spending less time sitting down to a meal as a family and we’re spending more time and money in restaurants.

When we aren’t in restaurants we’re shopping at the grocery store, but what are we buying?  More than ever, we’re turning to pre-prepared and processed foods because we think they will save us time and the commercial says they’re good for us; not to mention that they’re cheap!  Right?  Why bother making it from scratch when it can be purchased in a box, can or frozen boil in the bag.

Our eating habits have changed more drastically in the past twenty years than ever before.  The food we eat isn’t even food anymore it’s highly advanced chemistry.  Food chemistry is an actual occupation and it pays big bucks, to make it taste just right to make you think it’s real.  Think about it…  when was the last time you read the ingredients on the label?  Were you able to read or understand all of the ingredients?

The impact of our choices weighs heavily on our health and especially our children’s health. Childhood obesity is at an all time high and the diet industry is raking in billions because we believe and support the hype.

Dinnertime used to be a time for families to get together and share the day’s events and a time to discuss our problems and find solutions.  Now, Dad’s on the computer eating a big mac, Mom’s driving the kids home from girl guides or hockey and heading for an easy drive-thru solution.

Guru cooking wants to show you that cooking is fun, inspires creativity and is a healthy way to spend time with friends and family.

We are so passionate about this that we will come to you and coach you in the comfort of your own home, your own kitchen.  We will use what’s in your pantry and we’ll help you cook it using your appliances.

Let’s bring the idea of cooking from scratch back to our kitchens and make dining a tradition that can we once again pass on to our children.

Will you join our revolution?

Your kitchen
Your pantry
Your appliances
Your creation
Our coaching

It’s that simple!

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