Is it worth it?

Is staying in shape important to you?  Do you run, do any type of yoga, maybe it’s kickboxing, or tennis, squash, badminton or cycling?  Did you have to buy the racquet, gloves, mat, bicycle or membership before enjoying any of these activities?  Were you a born natural?  It’s more likely you had to practice at least once a week. There were bad days, good days and even days when you had to push yourself to go and do it but you now enjoy the sport and would love to do it as often as possible because it makes you feel great about yourself.

Do you think education is worth an investment?  No matter what you study; whether you study to become a doctor, massage therapist, architect or a teacher you will need to invest time and money into becoming knowledgable in that field.  Education is a funny thing, students complain about the price of text books while sipping their $6.00 Cafe Latte, wearing their $200.00 jeans and driving their $80,000 vehicle, yet $80.00 for a text book to pave the way for their future is too much?

How about other hobbies like rock climbing, sailing, surfing, scuba diving or even ski/snowboarding?  These hobbies require a large investment and great amounts of time to master yet we keep doing it and we also travel great distances to do it elsewhere.

So is cooking a skill worth knowing? Even more, is it worth investing in?  Well, if health is important to you, if education is important to you and if you’re looking for a hobby that you can enjoy daily and one that can involve the whole family, then YES!! If you like the idea of creating meals that do not come from a package, freezer or box but ones that come from gardens, farmer’s markets and local butchers then YES!! If you’d like to know how your favourite restaurants make your favourite meals but at a fraction of the price then YES!!

Cooking is fun, easy and very rewarding if you know the basics.  It, just as many other things in life, requires a short term investment for a long term gain.  You will need to practice at least once a week, you’ll need to go through some bad days as well as some days where the thought of cooking is more daunting than beneficial.   You may see the price of pots and pans, cooking lessons and knives as unaffordable because you just never thought of cooking as an expense when creating your budget.

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