Game Night!

Today in Vancouver, BC people are getting ready for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup (Canucks vs Bruins) and restaurants are going to overflow with thousands of fans wearing their jerseys in support of their team.  Watching it on the big screen with friends is a great way to celebrate the playoffs.  Eating hot wings, cheese covered nachos and drinking cold beer. The restaurants are going to make a killing in revenues and you’ll have a blast emptying your wallet.  Maybe you’ll host a playoff party at home and get the guys over and order pizza from your local delivery place, have beer on ice, popcorn and chips ready for when the puck drops.

Here is a thought, how about making your own food?  Homemade hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, wings and pizza.  If you have a BBQ or an oven it’s all possible!  If you have the ingredients at hand, any of the items I have mentioned take no longer than a 1/2 hour to make.  Host a killer party with a buffet for your friends to enjoy.  pre-form your hamburgers into the size of patty you want, buy as many wings as you can handle and toss them in the sauce you like or make individual pizzas with what ever toppings your friends wish without spending a large amount of cash.  If your friends are each willing to pay $100.00 at the pub then tell them you’ll do the same for $20.00 if they bring the beer!

The food you make will be fresh, hot and one hundred times better than anything you could order for delivery, much less get at the pub.  All it takes is a little planning and some courage.  We can teach you the technique!  Once you know how then every game will be an absolute win.

I guarantee you’ll be voted MVP of the night!!




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