Father’s Day!

Well another Father’s Day has come and gone and hopefully we all got to do what we wanted.  Some of us played golf, others had a BBQ and a lot of us spent it with our family and kids.  It’s that one time a year that we get to do what we want and there can really be no arguing about it.  So what is this week’s blog about?  It’s about making a bad choice because some of us take this day to eat what we want even if it’s REALLY bad for us.

I am going to use KFC as an example because although I may be a Chef and I may have a company that “coaches Canadians to conquer their kitchens with confidence”, I am also vulnerable to marketing and fall victim to TV commercials. So…

Is it any wonder why KFC announced the return of the ‘Double Down’ (bacon and processed cheese between two pieces of deep-fried chicken) as of June 1st?  Why wouldn’t they bring it back to market in April for Easter or May for Mother’s Day? Because they know that fathers, men, dudes and dude wannabes are the ones that will eat it and they spend millions of dollars to figure that out!  They bombard you with commercials on every channel.  They make it sound like the best piece of chicken EVER!  They make it look AWESOME with cheese oozing out with the golden crispy skin on either side.  What man wouldn’t want to eat this?

So I sat there and looked at my wife and said, “you know, that actually looks like it would taste great”.  Then we thought about it…  This sandwich has more than your daily intake of Sodium! Half your daily intake of Fat and even at 480 calories it’s going to sit and rot your stomach.  Is that really going to stop you from getting in your car and driving to your closest KFC to buy one?  Probably not.  It didn’t stop me but I do regret it as does my stomach.  What I should have done is practice what I preach and make my own version of it.  This is all I would have had to do…

Take one chicken breast and cut it in half, flattened both pieces and dredge them in flour then beaten eggs and then in Panko bread crumbs, fry them in a pan with very little butter and a touch of oil.  When they are golden brown take them out of the pan and set them aside.  Put a slice of Monterey Jack cheese on one schnitzel and a slice of cheddar on the other.  Put a slight smear of mayonnaise on a slice of the cheese. Take two slices of bacon which cooked while frying the schnitzels and place them between the slices of cheese. Fold it together and Voila! Enjoy!

This may not be the healthiest option either but I know what went into my calorie rich sandwich.  I know where I got my bacon from, I know that I didn’t use processed cheese and I know that I didn’t deep fry it.  I also know that I was able to make this at home.

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