Oh Canada!!

July 1st is coming up this weekend, what are you going to do to celebrate our Nations Birthday?

Weather permitting, many of us will go to festivals or we’ll go camping.  It’s the perfect day for a picnic with friends and family.  If you live in Vancouver, you can go to one of our beaches i.e. Kits beach, Spanish Banks or Coal Harbour.  If you’re fortunate enough to own a boat, you’ll go sailing or just get on your boat and go out to enjoy the view from the water or even stay by the docks and have a blast.

If you live in Surrey, you will have a plethora of parks to choose from, Crescent Beach or even venture out to White Rock and spend the day by the ocean.  The question is, what will you bring for food?  Many people will order food at any number of Fish & Chip places along the strip in White Rock or order take out because it’s an easy out.  What about packing a cooler of food?  Sure it requires minimal planning but let your guru help you out with that.  If you have a hibachi grill of a portable BBQ then the rest is easy.  (By the way, mini BBQs are sold at Costco or your local camping outfitter.)

It’s a day for burgers, salads, corn on the cob, steak or fish, anything is possible.  Take some fresh fruit or make some summer treats.  Pack your cooler full of the foods you love to make and love to eat.  Be sure to put everything on ice so that your day isn’t ruined by spoiled items.  What ever you choose, make it in advance, pack it up, throw it in your cooler and enjoy the day.  If you plan ahead, you’ll save yourself a lot of time, money and grief.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and remember to drink responsibly.

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